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Welcome to GOLF SAMURAI.

GOLF SAMURAI provides golf tips and instructions for all levels of golfers. We plan to post tips and instructions that are easy to read and understand in just 3 minutes.

My Story + About Me

Let me introduce myself.

I grew up in Japan. At the age of 18, I moved to Florida, USA to learn golf. I spent 10 years in Florida.

After coming back to Japan, I launched the web site( with a full of knowledge, tips and the things I found that helped my game during the years I spent in Florida.

The site quickly picked up very large number of visitors in Japan, and I started to receive lots of emails from visitors saying my site helped their game a lot.

Of course, there are lots of web sites in Japan, but my site was little different.

What's so different?

When I moved to Florida to learn golf, I really struggled and made all the mistakes you can imagine.

But I wasn't expecting anything like that when I left Japan. My goal was to play in a Nationwide Tour which is the developmental tour for the PGA Tour.

I started playing golf when I was 5 or 6 years old. My father was a very good player. He would win all the amateur tournaments he entered.

So I went to the driving range with him and naturally picked up golf.

Moving to Florida

At the age of 18, I decided to move to Florida to learn golf. So I started to read all the books and magazines about golf. I had several PGA teachers to teach me.

But I didn't improve at all. In fact, I lost more than 30 yards on my drives and was slicing everything.

My score got even worse.

I spent more than 5 years not knowing how I can improve my game. I tried everything. I spent countless hours on the driving range. I would take classes in college in the morning. And in the afternoon, I went to the golf course and hit balls after balls until dark.

The head professional at the golf course said nobody hit more balls than I did.

I spent days like that for 5 years. But I couldn't even break 90! I was really ashamed at myself for setting goals to play on the nationwide tour. You can laugh at me for this.

Anyway, I was definitely doing something wrong.

It seemed like the more I try to read books and magazines about golf and take more lessons from PGA teachers, the worse I got.

I can tell you that it was a nightmare.

Leaving Japan to the other side of the earth and struggle like that? It was embarrassing.

I finally Found it

So I tried everything. I was making all the common mistakes you can imagine. Slice, Hook, pull, push, sliding on the backswing, reverse pivot, hitting over the top, fat, top and much more.

But I finally found what kept me from improving.

After trying all these things, I decided to throw out all the knowledge I gained and start all over again.

I first changed my grip. My new grip was too strong according to the text book, but I tried it anyway.

I spent countless hours trying to analyze my grip. I would come home from work and start experimenting with my grip until midnight. I would spend 5 hours just experimenting with my grip.

It was really fun.

And it really changed my game like a magic. I gained lots of distance. Before then, I was the shortest hitter in the group, but now I was hitting past everybody.

So I started to analyze other parts of my game as well such as posture, ball position and stance.

I tried to avoid checking golf swing positions because that really led me to struggle.

Every parts of my game seemed to change after that.

Finally, I started to shoot in the 70's.

After coming back to Japan, I thought if I come up with the web site explaining what I did to improve from the worst golfer in Florida to shooting in the 70's constantly, it might be helpful for some golfers.

So I launched the web site.

I received huge number of response from visitors.

I still own this web site in Japan and post few articles every week.

Although I struggled so much for many years, I learned lots of things, met lots of golfers and really had a great time in Florida.

So I thought I should give something back. My English is poor, but I would love to tell you all the things I learned.

Please forgive my poor English. But I would try my best to write articles hoping it would help your game.

Good Luck

The Webmaster

How to Use This Site

When you read articles on GOLF SAMURAI, please make sure to read the articles in Basics of Golf first. Without the correct grip, posture, ball position and alignment, you won't improve at all.

I don't expect every article will help everyone. Because the correct golf swing is different from person to person, things that work for me or others might not work for you.

I post articles, but I want you to judge whether it's for you or not.

Hope this site will help your game.

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